Our Story

Our family printing business has been around since the 1930s (Braund Supergraving Co. Ltd). but with the pandemic, we were forced to make big changes and go in a different direction. After many family brainstorming sessions (which generally result in us going nowhere because all we want to do is hangout with each other and talk about nonsense) we came up with Bsbybraund- no, not bullshit, but beautiful stuff. The four of us all have so many different ideas, but some things we tended to agree on were the fact that we love cats (we have 6 collectively between the four of us), wanting to promote positive vibes, music, and art.

Our store offers a range of designs that come straight from our hearts. Additionally, we have partnered with local artists to showcase their work on 100% Canadian  made, ethical, sustainable apparel. We also upcycle denim jackets, many of which are authentic vintage Levis or Lees brand, and use these pieces for artists to display their work.

We want to showcase the importance of art and creativity in the community, how it improves mental health and wellbeing, highlight new talent, and the importance of using sustainable ethically made materials, shopping small, or reusing and recycling pieces from our past. What's old, can be new again.

Our goal is to build relationships with our clients and reach a wider audience, in hopes of not only providing you with an excellent experience from start to finish, but to expand our values and the importance of supporting local.

At the end of the day, we are first and foremost a family business, and we want to treat everyone that we meet, like family. Is there sibling rivalry? Definitely. Do we not always agree? For sure. But we wouldn't have it any other way, and we try our best to stay as authentic and true to ourselves as we can possibly be.

No BS here, just Beautiful Stuff.

With love from Peter, Sandra, Amanda and Conor. 

Be excellent to each other.