Our Artists

We take great pride in working and collaborating with local Canadian artists to feature their talent on apparel.

Meet Our Artists


Sabrina Nazar

Sabrina was born in 1993 Toronto, Ontario. She studied drawing and painting at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec and now resides as a full time artist in Maui, Hawaii.

She works primarily as an abstract painter exploring themes and concepts derived from our natural world. Oftentimes her work will characterize the movement of water or patterns found in rock for example. Sabrina's pieces are driven by fluidity allowing the viewer's eye to move throughout each painting with curiosity and ease.

Sabrina works mainly with fluid acrylics and epoxy on large scale canvas.


Simon Davies

Born in Wales, Simon is a self-proclaimed “bit of a rubbish bloke” in that he is not a follower of football (soccer) or rugby and generally doesn’t know how to fix a car! He does, however, have a love of the arts including cinema, photography and music (sounds a bit clichéd but trust us when we say that anyone who knows him will testify to the length at which he can talk about those subjects!).

His creative output with BSbybraund is primarily his photography and graphic design work.


Jenn Bruner

Jenn Bruner has been a passionate artist and equestrian her whole life. Creativity has always come naturally with The Group of 7 influencing her by both bloodline and inspiration. For the past 17 years she has operated a successful business called Fire Fly Stables, which has been dedicated to bringing knowledge to her riders, helping them become better horse people. while running a large horse stable didn't allow a lot of free time, Jenn continued to paint late at night and wanted to start sharing the things she's created. Now she has branched out and decided to follow an even more creative path of designing clothing, jewellery, and making art on items that are useful! No Where Now Here is her new company that allows for all of Jenn's creative expressions. The name of the company was inspired by the late author Diana Wynne Jones, whose work "Fire and Hemlock" inspired Jenn as a young reader. Through spiritual growth and mindfulness Jenn plays with living in the here and now. 

She is excited and honoured to partner with BSbybraund to create wearable art that others can enjoy as well.


Marianne Beckwith

Mariann Beckwith is a visual artist and all-round creative. Her studio is in Saint John New Brunswick, where she is inspired by the nearby seaside, colourful lupone trails, and the historic architecture of the Port City. Marianne enjoys dabbling in all mediums. Watercolour, acrylics and pen and ink are some of her favourites. Marianne has a BEd and enjoys filling in for local high school art teachers. Art is for everyone.


Ryan Quinn

Ryan was born in 1998 in Toronto, Ontario.  A lifelong artist, Ryan studied graphic design to hone his passion in a practical environment, and operates officially as a graphic designer.

As an artist, he spent his childhood drawing things that fascinated him, and while studying graphic design, decided to focus on more original pieces to show the world.  He’s worked with Pencil, Pen, Watercolour, Oil, Acrylic, and most recently digital painting apps.

His work varies regarding style and theme, but generally come from an abstract, alternative nature.  His penchant for working with the relationship between light and shadow yield very vibrant and bold work, inspired further by his appreciation for science fiction as well as retro/vintage art & pop culture.